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Maxeiner Chiropractic expands upon the traditional approach of chiropractic and incorporates treatments to address soft-tissue problems (tension) as well as muscle weakness (motor control issues). By addressing multiple dysfunctional areas simultaneously, we hope to gain a quicker resolution to your problems.

Can we help?

We can treat a lot of musculo-skeletal conditions but we can not help every patient. If we are not able to help you, we can help to get you the answers and treatments you need. We refer to many different specialists including medical doctors, neurologists, physical therapists, surgeons, acupuncturists as well as other chiropractors.

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"Fabulous experience! I've been to several chiropractors and Doug is by far the most detailed and thorough of them all."

October 2015

"I have been a patient for over 3 years - words can not describe the outstanding service he provide. I've been to roughly 10 chiropractors over the years and Doug is by far the best in the business... I couldnt ask for a better chiropractor!"

September 2015

"Comprehensive on-the-mark assessment of my feet & body issues. Dr. Doug is patient, gentle, thorough & kind. Remedied immediately with adjustments and manipulation. Plus I received instructions for long term comfort and maintainance."

June 2015

"Dr Doug is very thorough & was cautious with my back since I had a lot of bruises from massage therapy. The exercises he showed me & worked on with me are a big help!"

March 2015